under construction

cgi / vfx learning & play.

8 of 32 mech / piston doberrywotsits… technical expression.

all nighter, sunrise time. personal deadline met about half way in short production. trying to get re-organized for next step.

DEM/GIS 2m res manipulation + conversion

fire/smoke + ink tests

robot step 1 - naked robot

more “electronic” related stuff

some kind of board + housing

fail on Flickr.

weird ball thing…

kinectriggimprovments on Flickr.

fixing ik issues had with original kinect caps.

city tests + sibl

crash test rigg WIP from summer holidays. in the process of building a rigg which can prefab for other prepped models.

crashtestwip1 on Flickr.

crash test rigg WIP

crashtestwip2 on Flickr.

crash test rigg WIP

more ice tests

more ice tests

procedural roads and structures planning WIP